Anonymous: Why don't you post much and answer questions anymore 

I am trying my best! My internet has been absolutely crap lately, and on top of that, I’ve been getting increasingly busy. I have a ton of new content to post soon, so be ready for that!

jashylee32: We'll my mom has a lot of Christmas lights, so I got one of them and decided to hang them on my wall. We'll one day the light bulbs burned on my wall (but I didn't burn my wall thank god) 😭 we'll I wanted to know is it because they were just old and been used to much? Or because it was to much electricity or something but I really want to know case if they burned out because they were old so I can just get new ones and hang them an not be worried that the bulbs would burn on my wall. 

I’ve never had a single issue with using fairy lights, and neither has anyone else I know, so I can only assume that they burnt out because a) they were faulty or b) because of age and overuse. I’d definitely consider purchasing new ones since there are so many energy-efficient varieties so you can be certain you’d be safe. Good luck!

koolkatk: I don't know what to use to hang these smallish magazine letters. I tried using tape but it's not sticking well at all. What do I use? 

You could try using a stronger tape such as painter’s tape or double-sided tape, or you could use Blu-Tack or maybe even glue dots.

Anonymous: So I painted my room a light lavender, what color furniture would match the walls? Thanks 

I’d personally say either white or a dark wood, because in my head they both look lovely!