cclassythings: hey, how would you hang up chiffon or sheer curtains on your ceiling? 

Blue tack. small command hooks, tape, velcro strips (made for walls), or metal hooks in the ceiling (other people feel free to add to this list!)

prettylittlenicky: How do I convince my mum to buy me or let me but myself new furniture? At the minute my furniture are hand me downs from my sister and I'm sick of it. They don't go with the colour of my walls (white) and the are to small! Much love for your account😘 p.s I don't want to sound stuck up. I am grateful for what I have but my sister got all new furniture and I only get hand me downs. 😘 

Same with me! My parents won’t let me buy new furniture because it’s too “precious” and they don’t want to throw it out. Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to help you because I’m in exactly the same boat and everything I’ve tried just hasn’t worked! Maybe try to compromise buy offering to pay for everything yourself and see what they say. Good luck to you!

chloeann4: Hi so I'm thinking about putting fairy lights up in my room, and I was wondering what color lights would look best with off white walls? Like a warm white or a cool white or just white? 

I personally prefer the warm white lights as they add a cosy and comfortable touch to the room, but going with cool white wouldn’t be too bad if you don’t mind the slight blue glow.

Anonymous: So I got a new room and I really want to have fairy lights on my walls outlining a few wall quotes but I don't know if the fairy lights need to be plugged in? How do they work because I don't want a random wire going down from the wall. 

Unless you get battery powered ones (which have a thick power pack on one end), they do need to be plugged in.

Anonymous: To the person who sent the ask about the wall with CDs and Vinyls, maybe try thrift stores too. There are a few places near me where CDs are buy one at 1$ get one free and the records are super super cheap too! I suggest looking for other places besides Goodwill, as their prices can still be a bit high on things. 

Thank you so much!

Hey guys! I’ve turned off ask for a while as there are hundreds of questions in my inbox and I just won’t be able to get to them all with new ones coming in each day. I’ll open them up again soon! Thank you everyone :)

Anonymous: I'm painting my room a light sort of mint color. What kind of colors do you think would go with that other than white? My bedding is white and I have white shelves, a white dresser, and a white desk. I already have some darker turquoise and a dark grayish purple for my pillows and bed sheet. 

Mint goes really well with colours like coral, yellow and even soft oranges, so I’d look into incorporating those sorts of colours into your room. You can find some cool colour palettes and other inspiration on Pinterest or Google Images so maybe do a little bit of research and find out what you like best!